Prototype, Test and Learn


We believe that you can only create an outstanding user experience, if you test early and often. With every test your learn more about the behavior of your users. You understand what they like, what are their preferences and if your design works for them.

Therefore we created Quant-UX. Quant-UX makes it incredible simple to test your designs and get valuable learnings in short time. With Quant-UX you can prototype your idea, test it with real users and analyze the interaction to better understand your audience.


Klaus Schaefers

Klaus is the founder of Quant-UX. He likes data and user experience and tries to bring both world together.

Vodafone Power Lab

Quant-UX is sponsored and accelerated by Vodafone Power Lab Portugal

Release Notes

24th July

- Fixed minor bugs

18th July

- Added more help documents
- Canvas Alignment supports now patterns