Quantitative UX Analytics

The build-in analytics help you to understand if your designs work or not. Test with real users and get immediate feedback.


Use the analytic canvas to get insights into the user's interaction. Heatmaps will tell you where the users have clicked, where the missed the action and how the mouse has moved.

Quant-UX is OpenSource and free

User Journey

The user journey graph is one of the best tools to understand the user behavior. They graph uncovers usability problems and make it easy to find lost users.

Quant-UX is OpenSource and free

Drop Offs

The drop off graph shows where your users struggle while performing a task and how much time they spend on each step.

Quant-UX is OpenSource and free


The task dashboard shows the key performance indicators (KPI) at a single glance. Analyze the task performance to understand if your design works or not.

Quant-UX is OpenSource and free

A / B Testing

You can visually compare the task performance for A/B tests. Understand the differences in task duration, success rate and the number of interactions.

Quant-UX is OpenSource and free

Quant UX is awesome and free.
Start understanding your users now!