How Quant-UX works

Quant-UX facilitates user-testing and shortcuts the classic development cycle.

The Quant-UX Process

Building and launching an application just to learn that the design does not work is a waste of effort and time. The better alternative is to shortcut the process and test your design as early as possible with real users.

Quant-UX is OpenSource and free

Faster learning

Quant-UX speeds up user research and makes it easy to improve from data-driven insights. Iterate quickly over different design options and find the best version.

Quant-UX is OpenSource and free

Single Plattform

Quant-UX is an integrated user research platform. You prototype, test, and analyze on the same tool.

Quant-UX is OpenSource and free

Quant UX is awesome and free.
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